Ether Press creates publish-on-demand artifacts of the ephemeral. We are a print-on-demand publisher a.k.a. a publish-on-demand printer.


We are currently working on a series of editions (more forthcoming) which transform public online archives of text, conversation, bookmarks, and photos into publish-on-demand books. These editions will be sourced from popular web services — accessed via open-source APIs — and will be released and revised on an ongoing basis over the following months.

We also recently released #Occupy Books, a publish-on-demand, partial record of the ephemeral conversation surrounding the Occupy Wall Street movement.

To take part in our beta program by reviewing new book formats currently in development, please email us. To be notified when new editions are released, sign up to receive our email newsletter.


We are actively considering new forms of publish-on-demand artifacts, and invite artists, designers, authors, and others to contact us to suggest opportunities for collaboration on editions to be released under the EP imprint.

Organizations who wish to offer bespoke publish-on-demand artifacts under their own imprints should contact us to discuss opportunities to license and extend our technology for their own publications.


Ether Press typesets with ConTeXt, a comprehensive set of macros written by Hans Hagen in TeX, the grandfather of computer typesetting systems created by Donald E. Knuth. PostScript graphics are drawn using MetaPost, created by John Hobby based on METAFONT, also created by Knuth to define vector fonts for TeX.

Ether Press is hosted on Linux servers provided by Linode, runs on Apache httpd, is implemented in Python within Django, uses Celery, and prints through Lulu.

Special thanks to Philipp Gesang, Taco Hoekwater, Aditya Mahajan, Mojca Miklavec on the ConTeXt mailing list, and Kevin Calcagno and Josiah Gore at Lulu.

The press is currently closed and this website is temporarily archived. For questions, email